Taka Spa Classic Massage. A massage helps eliminate back and head pains, relieves muscles of tension, improves the metabolism, blood circulation, and skin tone; has a calming effect on the nervous system, renews tissue functions after traumas, and offers a flow of energy to the entire body. Massages are available for the entire body or for separate parts-back, shoulders, feet, and hands.
30min / 45 €,   45min / 60 €,   1h / 70 €
1h  15min / 80 €
1h  30min / 90 €
2h / 122 €

Taka Spa Physiotherapeutic Exercising and Massage
. A therapeutic session-treatment for tackling individual health problems: reducing back pains and headaches, eliminating muscle tension, minimizing joint pain and stiffness, redeeming from trauma aftereffects and other problems causing discomfort. In an individual consultation, physiotherapist evaluates functional health condition and makes recommendations, teaches and helps to perform correctly the necessary set of exercises. When the body has been warmed and brought into motion, 30 minute therapeutic massage follows for problem area to reduce pain, tension, constriction, discomfort and to strengthen health. One must come to the treatment wearing clothes that are comfortable for exercising. 
1h / 50 EUR


Taka Spa Lymph Drainage. A special massage technique stimulates the flow of lymph or tissue fluid, effectively discharging toxins and metabolism waste products. This treatment is effective in the battle with cellulite and recommended after various operations.
1h / 70 EUR
1h  30min / 90 EUR
2h / 122 EUR