Taka Spa Aromatherapy for face, decolletage and breasts.
Deeply cleansing, fine lines reducing, skin firmness renewing and individual problem solving treatment for face, décolletage and breasts. By aroma peeling of nine essential oils the skin is gently released from dead cells and is enriched by mask of Latvian mud. Face, décolletage and breasts area are treated to a gentle, lymphatic drainage and skin micro circulation stimulating massage, thus strengthening facial oval and firming neck and breasts skin. At the same time the bouquet of essential oils harmonizes our mind and lifts up our spirits. 
1 h 25 min/ 105 €
The treatment is also available only for the face:
1 h 10 min/ 85 €

Elemis Exotic Moisture Dew.
A remarkable treatment for the thirsty and dry skin of a face in need of particularly strong moisturising. Deep-skin cleansing is followed by an effective massage and nourishing mask, which will help your skin regain its healthy and radiant appearance. A stress-reducing scalp massage will provide deep relaxation and a profound feeling of wellness.
1 h/ 80 €

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair.
A healing and restorative treatment for oily and congested skin. Deep cleansing frees the skin from impurities, reduces unwanted shine, refines the pores, and treats skin breakouts. A calming mask and massage renews the skin's balance and heals infected facial skin. A point massage for your scalp will provide complete relaxation and comfort for all five senses.
1 h/ 80 €

Elemis Fruit Active Glow.
A strengthening, refreshing, and renewing treatment for tired and lifeless complexions. The skin is deeply cleansed, stimulated by an Eastern massage and nourished with powerful skin conditioning actives, which renew the sky's vital radiance. A point massage for your scalp will provide particular stimulation and a flow of energy.
1 h/ 80 €

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial.
This treatment utilized the most advanced natural skin-resurfacing techniques.  The tri-enzyme peeling effectively and carefully relieves the skin of dead cells, respecting the skin’s micro-flora and preserving the Ph balance, while serums strengthen and promote the re-growth of cells.  While the enzyme peeling is working its magic, a neck and shoulder massage is performed, and a scalp and foot massage is conducted while the mask is taking effect.  After the first treatment, the surface of the skin is relieved of 75 % of its excess layer,* thereby reducing peeling, uneven skin, and tiny wrinkles.  The skin’s texture improves by 32 % *, and is left looking and feeling deeply cleansed, fresh, and healthy.  We recommend you take extra-good care of your skin for twenty-four hours after the treatment, and avoid sunbathing, saunas, and pools.
1 h/ 85 € 

*results of clinical tests