Pilates is an exercising system for the entire body, created in the 1920s by German therapist Joseph Pilates to develop and strengthen the backbone. Today, the Pilates method is used all over the world by classical and modern ballet dancers, professional athletes, and people that desire a healthy backbone and slender muscles.

Joseph Pilates built his system based on the discipline of Eastern exercising techniques, as well methods for achieving flexibility, proper breathing, and the renewal of balance. Pilates also incorporates Western methods for training the heart and strengthening the muscles.

The majority of Pilates exercises are performed in the horizontal position, thus ensuring a proportional division of strength throughout the entire body. The exercises strengthen the muscles, and, as a result, they become flexible, strong, and slender. The Pilates method renews the body’s balance, allowing you to move naturally and freely while putting minimal pressure on your joints. Pilates corrects defects in posture and improves gait and bodily form, making your body thin and attractive. The Pilates method is suitable for everyone, regardless of your physical conditions. “A person is only as young as his backbone” – Joseph Pilates.

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