Taka Spa Aromatherapy's wrap Inspiration.
Calming, balancing and inspiring aromatherapy treatment that works to meet individual psychoemotional and physical needs. Individually chosen essential oils bouquet is apllied to body, face and hair. The body is wrapped into cocoon during which you are treated to gentle foot or scalp massage. It is followed by aromatherapy massage to meet topical needs - for the tense scruff, shoulders and back or when doing sport overworked leg muscless.
1 h 10 min/ 90 €

Taka Spa Replenishment Ritual.
Cleansing/ Elemis Foot Massage 30 min / Elemis Tester Facial 30 min/ Elemis Deep-Tissue Back Massage 30 min / Tea
135 € 

Taka Spa Foot Massage.
Our foot massage, which provides peace and enjoyment, features the ancient Eastern therapeutic art of balancing the flow of energy in the body. This treatment strategically works on the reflex points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to the other parts of the body and the organs; these points are balanced and stimulated, achieving a union of body, mind, and spirit.
45 min/ 65 €