Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy.
It is a body cleansing, cellulite and body sculpting treatment that comperatively rapidly and visibly improves body silhouette contours. Massage of the problem zones with plant extract and seeweed serum breaks the fat cells and reduces fluid retention stimulating lymph circulation at the same time. The body mask smoothes, strengthens and tones the skin making it firm and silky. While the active components are doing their work a slight sculp massage deeply relieves from tension giving a true feeling of well-being.
1 h/ 105 €
1 h 30 min/ 140 €

Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap.
A cleansing and enriching treatment that will stimulate your body's systems. Combining the riches of sea plants and marine algae with aroma-therapeutic actives, this treatment ensures the discharge of excess fluids from your body and total detoxification. An effective method for the reduction of cellulite. The body is covered with a heated sea-plant mask combined with juniper, sea buckthorn and lemon essential oils, and wrapped in a cocoon. While the active ingredients are at work, you will be treated to a gentle face and scalp massage, followed by a shower and a fabulous swim in a weightless state, which will allow the body to rejuvenate like after a good night's sleep, as your thoughts drift away.
1 h 15 min/ 98 €

Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial-Visible Brilliance Facial.
This face and eye-area treatment provides long-lasting effect of firmness for exhausted skin depressed by stress and lost its tonus. It works as under eye concealer. After the first procedure, the level of moisture in the skin will increase for 38 % and elasticity - for 28 %. Gentle papaw enzyme peeling and the massage technique that ameliorates microcirculation within the skin in combination with the active amino mask renews the lively glow and firmness of the skin. This high-performance treatment is complemented by a relaxing head massage and feet massage giving absolute feeling of comfort.
1 h 15 min/ 120 €

Taka Spa Physiotherapeutic Exercising and Massage.
A therapeutic session-treatment for tackling individual health problems: reducing back pains and headaches, eliminating muscle tension, minimizing joint pain and stiffness, redeeming from trauma aftereffects and other problems causing discomfort. In an individual consultation, physiotherapist evaluates functional health condition and makes recommendations, teaches and helps to perform correctly the necessary set of exercises. When the body has been warmed and brought into motion, 30 minute therapeutic massage follows for problem area to reduce pain, tension, constriction, discomfort and to strengthen health. One must come to the treatment wearing clothes that are comfortable for exercising.
1 h/ 65 €