Taka Spa Nurturing Massage for Mothers-to-be.
A trustworthy, safe, and tested massage for that special time in a woman's life when two hearts beat at once in her breast. This gentle and nurturing body massage reduces tension in the back and shoulder areas, alleviates swelling in the arms and legs, lifts the spirit, and provides special comfort and relaxation.
1 h  15 min/ 75 €

Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap.
A strengthening, nourishing, and moisturising treatment that provides the skin with immediate suppleness, softness, and a healthy glow. Aromatic and nourishing Coconut and Frangipani flowers are soaked together to produce the Monoi used in this therapy, which Polynesian women traditionally used to provide their skin with radiance, vitality, and protection from the effects of the surrounding environment. Before being wrapped in a cocoon, the body is gently rubbed with an exotic blend. While the active ingredients are at work, you will be treated to a calming and deeply relaxing face and scalp massage.
45 min/ 65 €

Taka Spa Lymph Drainage.
A special massage technique stimulates the flow of lymph or tissue fluid, effectively discharging toxins and metabolism waste products. This treatment is effective in the battle with cellulite and recommended after various operations.
1 h/ 70 €
1 h  30 min/ 90 €
2 h/ 122 €

Taka Spa Foot Massage.

Our foot massage, which provides peace and enjoyment, features the ancient Eastern therapeutic art of balancing the flow of energy in the body. This treatment strategically works on the reflex points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to the other parts of the body and the organs; these points are balanced and stimulated, achieving a union of body, mind, and spirit. 
45 min/ 60 €

Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial-Visible Brilliance Facial.
This face and eye-area treatment provides long-lasting effect of firmness for exhausted skin depressed by stress and lost its tonus. It works as under eye concealer. After the first procedure, the level of moisture in the skin will increase for 38 % and elasticity - for 28 %. Gentle papaw enzyme peeling and the massage technique that ameliorates microcirculation within the skin in combination with the active amino mask renews the lively glow and firmness of the skin. This high-performance treatment is complemented by a relaxing head massage and feet massage giving absolute feeling of comfort. 
1 h 15 min/ 110 €